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an infographic demonstrating the stages of delivering remote care to patients
March 31, 2020
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Sidekick Creates Solution to Remotely Care for COVID-19 Patients

Sidekick has adopted its platform to take the pressure off overburdened hospitals and healthcare clinics. And is working with Iceland’s national emergency services to provide a nationwide COVID-19 support program to remotely triage, support and manage infected individuals in home isolation. 
Healthcare professionals (HCPs) remotely monitor and manage a large number of patients and are called to action as needed, saving countless hours of phone calls for symptom evaluation, focusing their resources on the most urgent cases. With a stellar team of infectious disease specialists and data scientists, Sidekick has created an algorithm that helps HCPs more rapidly classify patients by disease severity. Through the CE-marked Sidekick COVID-19 program, patients self-report on a panel of symptoms and measurement multiple times a day.
 The system can be applied across geographies to improve use of critical healthcare resources, saving lives.

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