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Improving the health of humanity

The rapid rise of chronic conditions continues worldwide, causing unnecessary suffering, millions of premature deaths, and intensifying pressures on healthcare systems. Sidekick exists to reverse this trend.

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Envisioned by medical doctors

Sidekick was founded by two medical doctors, who spent years treating patients with lifestyle-related, chronic diseases. Their vision was to create a technology-powered solution driven by gamification principles, built on science, and rooted in behavioral economics to maximize engagement and positive health outcomes.  

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80% of people’s decisions are based on emotion

Drawing from their experience as practicing physicians, Sidekick's founders realized that long-lasting behavioral modification is best achieved by appealing to people's emotions. Our DTx products are designed and developed to target the brain centers, controlling those decisions.

Doing good by doing well

In 2014, Sidekick's founders started building a team from a variety of disciplines to execute their vision. Behavioral psychology principles and integrated gamification strategies were incorporated into the early product development, sparking the idea of bringing altruistic rewards into the user experience.

When Sidekick users take significant steps towards goals in their treatment, they earn water points, which are then converted into real-life donations of clean water. Donations are provided to families in need through our charity partners like charity: water. This is what we call doing good by doing well.

Understanding the needs of people with chronic conditions

Sidekick's growing team continues to be inspired by our founders' vision to this day. Eight years later, the company employs around 200 people across offices in Boston, Berlin, Reykjavik and Stockholm.

We have commercialized 14 DTx products, have a further 18 in development, and collaborate with the world's most innovative pharmaceutical and healthcare majors. Everything we do is focused on understanding the needs of people battling chronic diseases, and working on ways to relieve their burdens — improving their health and wellbeing, and adding quality years to their lives. That’s what drives us forward, relentlessly, every day.