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Sidekick's platform

Built by a world-class team of doctors, behavioral experts, psychologists, and technology leaders, Sidekick's platform is designed to address the needs of people with multi-chronic conditions and comorbidities. It uniquely enables the synchronization of interventions within one platform, eliminating the need for multiple point solutions.

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We work closely with people living with chronic health conditions to understand their needs

Sidekick takes precision medicine seriously, striving to ensure a personalized experience for every patient. We firmly believe that one size does not fit all. Our hyper-personalized approach is based on clinical evidence, and delivers high retention and user satisfaction.

Lasting Lifestyle Modifications
Personalised Experience
Positive Health Outcomes
Acceptance and commitment therapy
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
Social Cognitive Theory
Behavioral Economics
Transtheoretical Model
Cognitive behavior therapy
Behavior Modification

Evidence-based approach

We prioritize life-science-grade evidence-generation to offer our collaborators clinical-grade products for their patients. That is why Sidekick partners with the world's most innovative companies in healthcare.

Introducing Adaptive CarePaths™

Our Adaptive CarePaths™ allow us to create tailored journeys for every person.

We have mastered the creation of triggers for the emotional part of the brain, which drives decision making. Because of this, lifestyle transformation becomes a fun and game-like experience. Using proprietary AI, Sidekick’s engine tailors every person’s experience based on our vast and growing therapeutics catalog.

Sidekick’s Suite of Care

Our robust platform features multiple levels of support.

Our digital health products include world-class health coaches, care managers, and healthcare professionals who specialize in supporting people living with chronic conditions.

Our user app provides on-demand support, while our care manager web portal supports remote patient monitoring and a 24/7 care experience. Sidekick’s treatment modules include extensive patient education, dedicated coaching support, two-way communication, and 360° health behavior training.