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Press kit

Thank you for your interest in Sidekick. We invite you to download our approved co-founder bios and visual brand assets that we hope will help you tell the Sidekick story.

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Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, Sidekick's CEO and Co-founder.

Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson is Sidekick's chief executive officer and co-founder. He is an experienced physician and researcher with an engineering background. Thorgeirsson is a guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT on topics including data-driven health and the application of behavioral economics to lifestyle interventions. He is the current chairman of Iceland’s Technology Innovation Fund and advises the country’s government on innovation strategy and implementation.

Sam Oddsson, Sidekick's CMO and Co-founder

Dr. Saemundur "Sam" Oddsson is Sidekick’s co-founder and chief clinical officer. Oddsson practiced internal medicine for several years at Northern Europe’s largest teaching hospital, Sweden’s Sahlgrenska University Hospital. He is also an accomplished researcher and author of several peer-reviewed articles in the areas of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and lung disease. He is a member of the Swedish Society of Cardiology.

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Brand Guidelines

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About Sidekick Health

Sidekick is a digital therapeutics innovator, founded by two passionate medical doctors on a mission to improve the health of humanity. Sidekick is driven by a vision to improve people's access to healthcare, empowering them to take control of their own health. Sidekick’s therapeutics are developed and delivered with digital technology, addressing the same endpoints as traditional treatments such as small molecule drugs and biologics, but with the added benefit of giving people the opportunity to be actively involved in their own treatment. When combined with traditional treatments, the overall efficacy can be strongly increased. That's why Sidekick partners with the world's most innovative companies across the healthcare spectrum. Sidekick has offices in Berlin, Boston, Reykjavik and Stockholm.

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