Precision care management for better health outcomes

Enhance care management efficiency and create lasting health improvements on one platform

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One platform, tailored for everyone

Sidekick provides the digital tools for success to care managers and patients alike. Our unified platform empowers care managers and supports members in achieving lasting, clinically significant health improvements.

By seamlessly integrating care management with behavioral change programs tailored for complex chronic patients, we improve member health and enable more efficient care management, ultimately reducing the total cost of care.

Delivering measurable outcomes for patients and health plans

up to


improvement in care manager efficiency

up to


in PMPY savings
*up to

up to


reduction in ER

Sidekick promotes healthier and more engaged members

We understand the challenges of achieving lasting, healthy changes. That's why our approach supports members with multiple long-term and acute health needs while keeping them engaged and excited throughout their journey. 

The Sidekick platform blends evidence-based behavioral change programs with the efficiency of digitally delivered care management, resulting in increased satisfaction, fewer visits to the ER and significant health improvements.

Seamless connections with care managers

Sidekick is bridging the gap between care managers and members. Our integrated digital platform brings members and their care managers closer, without creating additional work.

By improving care management efficiency and connectivity, Sidekick ensures meaningful member interactions and long-lasting relationships.


Better care, better value

Sidekick drives cost savings by enhancing care management efficiency. Our platform equips care managers with smart communications tools, streamlines workflows, and enables timely interventions – all helping to reduce unplanned healthcare utilization. 

Combined with patient-centric programs that empower members, we foster proactive health management, aiming to reduce unnecessary costs and promoting a healthier, more engaged population.

One platform for members and care managers

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Why partner with Sidekick

Proven ROI

Our evidence-based approach aims to drive better health outcomes and measurable ROI through higher efficiencies in care management, and reductions in unnecessary healthcare costs.

Scalable across 20+ therapeutic areas

Our platform is configurable to multiple chronic and episodic therapeutic areas and use cases, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness.

Medical expertise meets innovation

Founded by doctors, and fueled by US healthcare leaders, Sidekick blends clinical and scientific know-how with cutting-edge technology.

Your partner for progress

Schedule an introductory meeting with our team to discover how you can elevate health outcomes and unlock substantial cost savings through precision care management efficiency.

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