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We are an international team of experienced, passionate visionaries hailing from the healthcare, life-science, consumer technology, and communications industries.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson

Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson

Board member

CEO & Co-founder

Sidekick Health
Steve Auerbach

Steve Auerbach

Chairman of the board

Chairman of the Board

Sidekick Health
Clara Campas

Clara Campas

Board member

Managing Partner and Co-founder

Asabys Partners
Regina Hodits

Regina Hodits

Board member

Managing Partner at Wellington Partners Life Sciences (WPLS)

Wellington Partners
Gudmundur Oddsson

Gudmundur Oddsson

Board member

Partner, Head of London Office

LOGOS Legal Services
Svana Gunnarsdottir

Svana Gunnarsdottir

Board observer

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Frumtak Ventures
Birgir Ragnarsson

Birgir Ragnarsson

Board member

General Partner & Founder

Novator Ventures
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Leadership Team

Alda OskarsdottirAlda Oskarsdottir

Alda Oskarsdottir

Financial Controller

Aslaug BjarnadottirAslaug Bjarnadottir

Aslaug Bjarnadottir

Development Director

Atli KnutssonAtli Knutsson

Atli Knutsson

Chief Strategy Officer

Birna BjornsdottirBirna Bjornsdottir

Birna Bjornsdottir

VP of Medical Affairs

Bjorg ValgeirsdottirBjorg Valgeirsdottir

Bjorg Valgeirsdottir

Design Manager

Brian PerryBrian Perry

Brian Perry

VP Commercial Planning and Performance

Brooke MastrorioBrooke Mastrorio

Brooke Mastrorio

SVP Clinical Affairs

Chakameh ShafiiChakameh Shafii

Chakameh Shafii

Senior Director Product Management

Colleen RunyonColleen Runyon

Colleen Runyon

Senior Director, Commerical Operations

Denise StahlDenise Stahl

Denise Stahl

SVP Clinician Operations

Dennis MorganDennis Morgan

Dennis Morgan

Group Chief Financial Officer

Dominik BoekeDominik Boeke

Dominik Boeke

Senior Director Pharma Partnerships

Elias GudmundssonElias Gudmundsson

Elias Gudmundsson

Director of Clinical Research

Erla Maria ArnadottirErla Maria Arnadottir

Erla Maria Arnadottir

Lead Brand Designer

Gudmundur EggertssonGudmundur Eggertsson

Gudmundur Eggertsson

Chief Financial Officer - Europe

Gulli ArnasonGulli Arnason

Gulli Arnason

Chief Communications Officer

Halla HelgadottirHalla Helgadottir

Halla Helgadottir

VP Clinical Innovation

Hallur HallssonHallur Hallsson

Hallur Hallsson

Director of Digital Care Design

Haukur Ingi GudnasonHaukur Ingi Gudnason

Haukur Ingi Gudnason

Head of User Success and Performance

Helgi KormakssonHelgi Kormaksson

Helgi Kormaksson

SVP of Creative

Hrefna ThoroddsenHrefna Thoroddsen

Hrefna Thoroddsen

VP of People & Culture

Ivar MeyvantssonIvar Meyvantsson

Ivar Meyvantsson

VP Product Development and Strategy

Jane CookJane Cook

Jane Cook

Director of Product Design

Kjartan Hrafn LoftssonKjartan Hrafn Loftsson

Kjartan Hrafn Loftsson

Director of Clinical Development

Kristinn GylfasonKristinn Gylfason

Kristinn Gylfason

Regulatory & Compliance Officer

Leanne ZhuLeanne Zhu

Leanne Zhu

Senior Director, Business Development

Leifur SigurdarsonLeifur Sigurdarson

Leifur Sigurdarson

VP of Product

Mark SlaughterMark Slaughter

Mark Slaughter

SVP Pharma Business Development & Growth

Mitch MudraMitch Mudra

Mitch Mudra

Chief Operating Officer

Olafur ViggossonOlafur Viggosson

Olafur Viggosson

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Olga GurianovaOlga Gurianova

Olga Gurianova

Senior Director, Pharma Business Development

Pamela StahlPamela Stahl

Pamela Stahl

Chief Commercial Officer & President North America

Ragnhildur JonsdottirRagnhildur Jonsdottir

Ragnhildur Jonsdottir

Associate Director of Digital Care

Sabrina GueldenSabrina Guelden

Sabrina Guelden

Director of Product & Partner Marketing

Saemundur OddssonSaemundur Oddsson

Saemundur Oddsson

Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Serene ToumaSerene Touma

Serene Touma

Director of Content & Communications

Sigridur Bara IngadottirSigridur Bara Ingadottir

Sigridur Bara Ingadottir

Senior Director of Pharma Operations

Sigridur Lara GudmundsdottirSigridur Lara Gudmundsdottir

Sigridur Lara Gudmundsdottir

Director of Clinical Research

Stefan Freyr GudmundssonStefan Freyr Gudmundsson

Stefan Freyr Gudmundsson

Director of Data Science and AI

Thorir GunnarssonThorir Gunnarsson

Thorir Gunnarsson

Lead Software Architect

Travis ParkinsonTravis Parkinson

Travis Parkinson

VP of Strategy & Chief of Staff to the CEO

Tryggvi ThorgeirssonTryggvi Thorgeirsson

Tryggvi Thorgeirsson

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

W. Christopher FangW. Christopher Fang

W. Christopher Fang

Chief Medical Officer and President of R&D