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December 22, 2023
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Year in Review: Sidekick Health highlights and milestones

Company-wide growth:

  • In October, Sidekick Health acquired aidhere (link), adding Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDT) to our offering. The acquisition includes zanadio, the leading obesity PDT, which has over 60,000 prescriptions to date (link), alongside other PDTs in development. When fully integrated with Sidekick's offering, PDTs open new capabilities and models for collaboration with our pharma partners.
  • Sidekick partnered with two new top-20 pharma partners, including one of the world’s largest and most impactful oncology brands, resulting in further global expansion of our solutions in cardiometabolic, oncology, and I&I. Sidekick is now active in ~20 countries spanning US, EU, and Latin America.
  • In a US payer partnership, in which Sidekick programs are branded as Concierge Care, we demonstrated early evidence of our programs’ impact. The payer platform was recognized with multiple awards, including an eHealthcare Leadership Award for Best Mobile App (link) and Ohio Association of Health Plans’ 2023 Pinnacle Awards (link), while the patient and care manager experience was captured in a video produced by the BBC (link).

              ◦ 39% reduction in ER visits for oncology (link)

              ◦ 25% reduction in symptoms for Crohn’s disease (link)

              ◦ 60% reduction in chemotherapy-related inpatient visits for oncology program (Presented at DTx East)

  • In March Sidekick joined CancerX, part of the White House’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, as a founding member to improve cancer outcomes in the US.  In November, we co-authored a case study (link) which showed an early analysis of how our oncology program may improve access and reduce unnecessary and costly healthcare utilization.

Published research and product innovations: 

  • In March, Sidekick presented data from our non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) study showing significant improvements in liver and cardiometabolic health measures for Sidekick program participants (link).
  • In June, Sidekick published further data from our atopic dermatitis program, including new data on high overall engagement and retention (link).
  • Of the many innovations, features, and updates released this year, Sidekick is especially proud of these product launches:

              ◦ In partnership with a US payer client, Sidekick launched the industry’s first multi-chronic member care journey, enabling patients to manage their whole health in a single app experience instead of across separate programs for each condition and enabling care teams to coordinate and support multi-chronic, complex care in a single platform.

              ◦ Sidekick developed a comprehensive injection module in collaboration with a leading medical device developer, addressing patient adherence barriers, including needle anxiety, step-by-step guidance, and building a healthy injection routine.

              ◦ Recognizing the positive impact on engagement and retention of chat support, Sidekick developed and released AI-supported coach chat in selected programs, which early analysis shows to also significantly increase live care team efficiency. 

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What we’re looking forward to in 2024:

  • Sidekick will further expand our partnerships in the pharma and payer spaces into new populations, geographies, and across new conditions. 
  • In the PDT space, Sidekick will continue to scale zanadio, will launch a type 2 diabetes PDT, and will continue development of new PDTs with a cardiovascular focus.
  • Data from Sidekick’s randomized controlled trials for heart failure and breast cancer programs will be published, as well as our real-world evidence analyses of our programs for rheumatoid arthritis and oncology.
  • After a successful launch this year, Sidekick will complete a feasibility study of our new injection module.
  • In addition to bringing major usability improvements to the Sidekick app and care portal, 2024 will also bring a range of new, personalized tools to help members form and maintain healthy habits, features to support members in tracking and understanding how to better manage their symptoms, and new capabilities supporting members in adhering to their treatments. 

At Sidekick, our most impactful work is developed in collaboration with partners across the payer, pharmaceutical, and digital therapeutic industries. We’re passionate about making healthcare more accessible, impactful, and efficient, and it’s with deep gratitude to our partners and everyone on the Sidekick Health team that we’re able to support the health of our members. 

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