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December 15, 2020
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The Benefits of Digital Therapeutics in Cancer Care

Smartphones can be used to give feedback about a person’s well-being during chemotherapy, as demonstrated by a team led by professor Jorge Nieva from the University of Southern California. The Mayo Clinic also successfully used smartphones to collect feedback from people with various cancers about fatigue, sleep, and physical exercise, but this information would typically be collected using paper forms.

The findings showed that more steps logged per day were positively associated with better mental quality of life and sleep, benefitting the person’s treatment. However, digital technology can do more than track outcomes.

Big Pharma is joining the evolution by working on digital therapeutics to manage side effects in chemotherapy. Sidekick is also advancing its digital care platform to augment cancer treatment, as digital technology is set to become increasingly integrated into cancer care as devices become more and more powerful, benefitting the overall quality of a cancer patient’s life, boosting the odds of beating the disease.

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