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June 18, 2024
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Sidekick Health Expands Oncology and Women’s Health Portfolio with Addition of PINK! in Germany

Amsterdam, June 18, 2024 – Sidekick Health, a global leader in digital health innovation, today announced the addition of PINK! to its portfolio and team; a pioneering digital health company specializing in cancer support and women’s health. This strategic move enhances Sidekick Health's portfolio and strengthens its position in the digital therapeutics market.

PINK! will remain a subsidiary of Sidekick Health under the management of Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing, founder and CEO of PINK!, and the PINK! team will stay on board to continue their work to support breast cancer patients. Prof. Wülfing will also join Sidekick Health's senior leadership team.

This acquisition brings with it PINK! Coach, the only permanently listed prescription digital therapeutic (PDT) for breast cancer within Germany’s regulated nationwide DiGA (Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen) formulary. PINK! Coach is a digital application developed to enhance health-related quality of life and health literacy, while also addressing the psychological, psychosomatic, and physical effects of breast cancer. To achieve a lasting improvement in quality of life and health, PINK! Coach focuses on gradually and sustainably changing the user's health-related behaviors.

Sidekick Health’s acquisition strengthens their position at the forefront of the industry, further unlocking opportunities to scale the highest-quality, medical-grade digital therapeutics to patients and deploy them within the leading Healthcare and Life Sciences companies in the US and EU. 

Sidekick has been growing at an 80% compound annual growth rate and currently works with five of the world's twenty largest healthcare companies to reshape the digital health landscape. Its products are prescribed on a regular basis by over 13,000 physicians. Within the US payer landscape, the company is notably collaborating with one of the largest health insurers, and is live with partners in Medicare, Medicaid and employer populations across the country. In the pharmaceutical sector, it has cultivated strategic partnerships with industry giants like Eli Lilly and Pfizer, with multiple partnerships across the US and Europe.

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Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, Co-founder and CEO of Sidekick Health, commented on the acquisition:

The acquisition of PINK! aligns perfectly with our mission to transform healthcare globally through digital innovation. By integrating PINK!’s cutting-edge breast cancer prescription digital therapeutic into our portfolio, we are ready to offer an even more comprehensive portfolio of digital therapeutics to patients – including further expansion opportunities within women’s health and oncology. We are particularly excited to work with Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing and her impressive team, whose dedication and expertise in breast cancer support and women’s health have been truly inspirational. Pia’s leadership at PINK! has created a strong foundation that we are eager to build upon.

Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing, founder and CEO of PINK!, shared her thoughts:

Joining forces with Sidekick Health represents an exciting new chapter for PINK!. Together, we can leverage our combined expertise to make a profound impact on the lives of patients with breast cancer in Europe, North America, and beyond. This step will enable us to expand the reach of our digital health solutions, including with Sidekick’s partners, and continue to offer patients innovative solutions, providing better support and care for people living with cancer.

The combined expertise of both companies will create new opportunities for innovation in digital therapeutics and expand the range and clinical impact of conditions addressed by Sidekick's patient-centric programs. The integration will also see PINK!’s team joining Sidekick Health, enhancing the company’s capabilities and fostering collaboration for future product development.

This acquisition follows Sidekick's successful acquisition of aidhere in October 2023, which marked Sidekick's entry into the prescription digital therapeutics market with the addition of aidhere’s zanadio app for obesity management. zanadio is one of the most successful PDTs launched to date in the world, with over 75,000 prescriptions by over 13,000 prescribing healthcare professionals. The addition of PINK! further solidifies Sidekick's commitment to expanding its digital therapeutic offerings and enhancing patient care through innovative digital solutions across multiple geographies.

About Sidekick Health

Sidekick Health is a global healthcare company that works with partners to digitize and fundamentally improve how care is managed and delivered, making healthcare more impactful, equitable, and efficient. We work with a quarter of the global top-20 healthcare companies across insurers, life sciences, and prescription digital therapeutics industries to deploy single and multi-condition care journeys for more than 20 therapeutic areas.

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About PINK!

PINK! operates a physician-led online platform for breast cancer patients, offering digital therapeutics. The HealthTech startup from Hamburg developed PINK! Coach, the first and only breast cancer app permanently approved as a DiGA ("app on prescription"). This app serves as a digital companion for breast cancer patients, providing scientifically-based medical information and guidance. It helps patients implement beneficial behaviors through daily individualized goals in areas such as exercise, nutrition, and mental health, aiming to reduce side effects like psychological distress and fatigue, and to improve quality of life. A psycho-oncological online course further complements PINK!'s offerings.

Founded in 2020 by gynecologist Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing and Katharina von Trotha, PINK! currently employs 27 staff members and collaborates with many renowned medical and scientific experts. More information is available at:

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