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September 8, 2022
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Ypsomed Partners with Sidekick Health to Improve Therapy Outcomes

Self-management is an important strategy to reduce the burden of chronic conditions, healthcare’s biggest challenge. To improve the adherence and therefore the therapeutic outcome of selfcare, and to expand its service offering of innovative drug delivery solutions, Ypsomed enters into a first strategic partnership for evidence-based therapy management with digital therapeutics (DTx) innovator Sidekick Health.

The two companies will jointly develop a set of features and behavioral interventions that support and empower patients throughout the self-injection process and beyond for areas such as oncology, immunology or metabolic diseases. Complementing traditional self-administration therapies with these engaging digital interventions will further increase the efficacy and convenience of self-medication, resulting in an improved quality of life and therapy outcome.

This partnership with Sidekick marks a milestone for Ypsomed and is a major step in our journey to become a provider of integrated healthcare services. We will continue expanding our service offering in digital health and beyond with additional partnerships to meet the needs of a growing market,
says Ulrike Bauer, Chief Business Officer Delivery Systems at Ypsomed.

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Making Selfcare Simpler and Easier

Ypsomed’s injection devices such as the YpsoMate in combination with the SmartPilot will be integrated with Sidekick’s digital therapeutics solution. The jointly developed self-injection module will include features such as digital support and coaching services around self-administration, needle anxiety and self-management with the aim of evidence-based improvement in adherence to therapy. The module will be integrated into Sidekick’s current DTx solution and marketed under Sidekick’s brand to its pharmaceutical and payer customers.

The combination of Ypsomed’s device platforms with Sidekick’s digital therapeutics solution will enable us to create new behavioural health interventions and tackle patient-specific challenges around self-injection,
says Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, Sidekick CEO.

We strongly believe that this will empower patients to be much more active in their own treatment outside the clinical setting, preventing unnecessary hospital visits and ultimately reducing the costs of chronic conditions in the healthcare system.

Pharmaceutical customers will benefit from the offering with a better insight into therapy adherence and treatment efficacy. The self-injection module will be clinically validated and developed in accordance with the applicable FDA and EU MDR software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD) regulations.


Sidekick is a digital therapeutics innovator, founded by two passionate medical doctors on a mission to improve the health of humanity. Sidekick is driven by a vision to bring healthcare into people’s everyday lives, empowering them to take control of their own health. Sidekick’s therapeutics are developed and delivered with digital technology, addressing the same endpoints as traditional treatments such as small molecule drugs and biologics, but with the added benefit of giving people the opportunity to be actively involved in their own treatment. That is why Sidekick partners with the world’s most innovative companies across the healthcare spectrum. Sidekick has offices in Berlin, Boston, Reykjavik and Stockholm.

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